April 29th, 2011


John Bergmann Hardwood Floors

There are a lot of wood flooring contractors in Austin, TX. There's large companies, small companies and even guys working out of their garage using materials from other jobs to work side jobs. All of these factors lead to large discrepancies in the price, quality and performance of wood floors.

As a consumer, it's very tough to make sure that you're picking the right company to install hardwood flooring in your home and because of that it's important to be educated about why some floors cost more than others. There's certainly nothing wrong with looking for a bargain, you simply need to know what you're compromising (if anything) when that bargain is found. For example, John Bergmann Hardwood Floors is renowned with installing home of the most beautiful, ornate custom floors in all of Austin. We use only the finest materials and John manages each wood flooring project from start to finish, just as if it was going into his own home. Too man times though, we've heard the stories from people who meet their contractor when they agree to have their floors put in, only to never see the guy again until he's there to pick up a check.

We take great pride in every job we undertake and because of that we have one of the strongest reputations in the Austin Flooring Industry as a detail oriented flooring contractor. So while there's certainly other reputable wood flooring contractors in Austin, there's enough fly by night companies out there that you need to be careful when making the selection of who's going to install your wood flooring. If you're on the market, give us a call and see for yourself the difference here at Bergmann Hardwood Floors.